Wakame Seaweed Soup

1 pint Filtered Water

2 TBSP Cut Wakame  ( A type of Seaweed)

1 TBSP Nori Komi Furikake (Prepared Sesame and Seaweed)

1 TBPS Miso

1/4 Cup fresh tofu (Optional)

Dash Sesame Oil.

Stir the Miso in a little cold water.  Simmer all ingredients. Garnish with Sesame oil if needed.


The Activist Weekly January 2008 Vol 3

This week, protecting the rare Saola, project peanut butter, attack on the Clean Water Act, River Herring threatened but Earth Justice Sues, Congress writes the President for peace, and a petition for the vancouver rain forests: copy it and sign it and send it in! 

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Global Warming Effects on the Chesapeake Bay

 Global warming effects on the Chesapeake Bay – less Crabs, Rockfish and Winter Flounder.  Some species may not tolerate warming and less habitat for migrating waterfowl.