Ideology vs. Reality

I volunteered with the Jaycees for a few years. They took responsibility in the community by chopping up firewood left from the city tree service and delivering it to low income elderly people to heat their home. They supported a non-profit camp for the physically challenged, a very good part of the community.
As with most groups I’ve join there was an ideology that would not stand the test of reason. The creed stated that “Economic Justice could best be won by free enterprise”. I take this to mean that free enterprise can somehow provide economic problems without government. Government would be another way to provide economic justice.

The problem with this is that free enterprise is created by governments. Free Enterprise is conducted with dollars, Euros, and Yuan. These are all created by governments. The Federal government guarantees that you can exchange dollars for goods and services. Without the federal government dollars would just be paper collectors items.

The fact the stock shares can be exchanged for money is enforced by the SEC. Bush reduced white collar crime fighting staff at the SEC. That led to the Bernie Madoff Scandal where people learned that their shares could not be exchanged for dollars. What about the deed to you house, the title to your car. All registered by governments. What if thieves come to you town to steal your gold and jewelry? Local Police and the FBI arrest them. Without any government we would not “own” anything.

So free enterprise is entirely the result of government laws going back through recorded history. Only Pirates “own” goods without the government. So I liked the Jaycees and the non-profit good that they do for the community and I enjoyed volunteering there. But as with many organizations, ideology is unattainable and unrealistic. It is just a way to get funding for good causes.


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