Dido Joins the Tea Party

Dido: The federal government doesn’t make anything, they just collect taxes. I’m glad I don’t need them.

Plato: Really?

Dido: Yes I just got a letter from Donald Chump; he’s a friend of mine. The Federal government is unnecessary.

Plato: How wealthy is he?

Dido: He’s a Billionaire. He has a billion dollars.

Plato: A billion dollars of monopoly money?

Dido: No, US Dollars.

Plato: Maybe he would trade his billion dollars for a billion dollars of my monopoly money. I’ll go print some out.

Dido: No, he’s not going to trade you us dollars for monopoly dollars.

Plato: I thought he didn’t need the federal government. Why does he need U.S. Dollars?

Dido: You can’t spend monopoly dollars and you can spend U.S. Dollars.

Plato: Yes because the U.S. Government says they are legal tender for all transactions.

Dido: The federal government doesn’t make anything. See, he owns stock in coke and people want dollars so they can buy coke.

Plato: So he can make a billion dollars worth of Coke and trade it for what he needs?

Dido: No, see he owns things like stock in Coke. Coke sells Coke and that makes the stock valuables. Coke stock is worth a lot of coca-cola.

Plato: Say who?

Dido: Coke will pay good money to stock holders.

Plato: So if Coke doesn’t pay Donald Chump for his stock, his personal militia is going to make coke pay?

Dido: If they don’t pay shareholders, no one will buy more stock.

Plato: Coke has plenty of money now, they could just continue to run off their own money of they weren’t require to pay shareholders and if they did not hold shareholder elections anymore.

Dido: Donald Chump owns all kinds of Real Estate…

Plato: …and if a drug cartel is living in his house when he comes home?

Dido: Well the state and local police will kick them out.

Plato: Not the Federal Bureau of Investigation? By the way who pays for all those police when the state doesn’t collect enough taxes?

Dido: I don’t know what to say to you Plato.

Plato: Let’s just have some wine and enjoy the moment.


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