I live in the Richmond VA Metro Area and work in IT and Business.  I have become more interested in issues that affect many people of the world, the affects that the environment has on many people of the world, and protecting that environment for future generations.  I think that most people in the U.S.A will find this more satisfying than simply looking for the next restaurant to go to if they are aware of the issues happening around the world and locally.  Learning what I can do to help truly makes me happy.  I get up each day and feel a little better if I can do things from reusing plastic bags and cloth bags or using less energy to writing officials, to making small donations to help make more sustainable world or buying fair trade. I think that armed with the knowledge people everywhere can make a difference in the world. 

In the U.S.A we are currently  consuming most of the earths’ resources and often overthrowing democratically elected leaders so that corporations may take hold of raw materials without paying a fair price to the people of the county that has the resources.  I think we need to make the U.S.A a better country as many others before us have from Jefferson to Lincoln to Dorothy Dix, and Martin Luther King.  Together armed with this knowledge we can make a difference.  In my way I have made this news letter for readers in coffee shops of Richmond VA and web users.  I hope this helps you find meaning in your life and a connection to those in the world with whom we can improve our relationships.


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