Activist Weekly Feb 2008 Vol 3

Burma, Staples rejects Asia pulp because of Illegal Indonesian Deforestation, Deadliest War Since WW II in Congo for laptop Material, Bush’s EPA loses law suit because it increases Mercury Pollution, Uranium Mining in VA, Mattiponi Reservoir, Island in Clayoquot Sound Saved! Friends of Clayoquot Sound work for other victories to come.

Activist Weekly Feb 2008 Vol 3 Is 2


The Activist Weekly January 2008 Vol 3

This week, protecting the rare Saola, project peanut butter, attack on the Clean Water Act, River Herring threatened but Earth Justice Sues, Congress writes the President for peace, and a petition for the vancouver rain forests: copy it and sign it and send it in! 

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Activist Weekly Dec 2007 Vol 3

People need to Act to Save the Oceans, Congress needs to Act now to prevent Illegal logging that causes global warming, hunger and drought, Obama exposes Give away government contracts,  Chesapeake Bay helped by Farm Bill,  Oil consumption leads to War, Wild Salmon may be wiped out by Farmed Salmon, What an Activist buys for Christmas.


Activist Weekly Nov 2007 Vol 4

Activist Weekly Nov 2007 Vol 4   

Cyclone in Bangladesh, Farm Bill Subsidies should provide fresh fruit and vegs for School lunches, Chesapeake Bay Crabs at Ebb, Cheney kills millions, Negroponte’s Shameful Visit to Pakistan, Victory for Salmon over Bush, Bull Mt. Pipeline

Activist Weekly Nov 2007 Vol 3

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Activist Weekly Nov 2007 Vol 2

Activist Weekly Oct 2007 Vol 4

Activist Weekly Oct 2007 Vol 3

Activist Weekly Oct 2007 Vol 2

Activist Weekly Sept 2007 Vol 4