Activist Weekly Feb 2008 Vol 3

Burma, Staples rejects Asia pulp because of Illegal Indonesian Deforestation, Deadliest War Since WW II in Congo for laptop Material, Bush’s EPA loses law suit because it increases Mercury Pollution, Uranium Mining in VA, Mattiponi Reservoir, Island in Clayoquot Sound Saved! Friends of Clayoquot Sound work for other victories to come.

Activist Weekly Feb 2008 Vol 3 Is 2


Global Warming Effects on the Chesapeake Bay

 Global warming effects on the Chesapeake Bay – less Crabs, Rockfish and Winter Flounder.  Some species may not tolerate warming and less habitat for migrating waterfowl.

Chinese Style Recipe from local Soybeans – Mixed Congee

1 Cup local Soybeans ( if you don’t have these in your area.

1 cup Organic 1 minute Oats

2 TBS Org Raw Sunflower Seeds

1 TBS Org Raw Pumkin Seeds

1/4 Cup “Peanut Free Trail Mix” or Gorp.

TBS maple Syrup

1/4 cup grape juice

You can pre-toast all dry ingredients except the soybeans in a large pan with a little oil.  This can be made in large batches used also as breakfest Musili.  The soy beans can be boiled for five minutes in enough water to cover, drained then cooked for twenty five minutes.  Then add one cup of the “Breakfast mixture”, that was toasted, into the boiling soy beans.  Add the grape juice and maple syrup and boil for another ten minutes untill all ingredients are soft still moist and soupy.  Eat cold.

Smart Growth

Virginia documents that savings to a community by using smart growth.  Smart growth saves a huge amount of money for the tax payers and residents as well as the environment. 

State of the Chesapeake Bay in 2007

Have a Pro Bay Holiday

Stafford County elects Pro Bay leaders